Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge

This is the perfect time to visit Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Ridgefield, WA. For Portlanders, this is a quick drive up 1-5 and it is worth the visit. I have visiting this place twice now. The fall visit I was surprised by the abundance of tundra swans in the area and the variety of migrating birds. I got to see northern pintails and northern shovelers, both a type of water bird, which I had only seen a few times prior to this.
There were only hawks, osprey, many great blue herons, nutria and other wildlife.

My spring visit included a trail that is otherwise closed in the fall for killers (the sound of gunshots is the one negative about a visit here during the fall). The trail allowed for the sighting of many turtles, some frogs and some egrets in the distance.
There were only a couple ducks and one goose who had a hurt wing and was upset and tried to attack me. Luckily my quick inner wimp allowed me to scream loud and run backwards to avoid a bite. As I warned others enjoying the trail about the goose, I noticed he didn’t have a problem with anyone else. I laughed at myself the rest of the day and continued to enjoy the outing.

Drive slow. Turtles may be crossing.

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