Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays with Wildlife

I spent many hours over the Christmas weekend at different wildlife refuges. Christmas day my favorite gift was all the wildlife viewing at a refuge by my parents house with my niece and nephew (pictures will post later). On Sunday when the weather was cold and windy, I opted for Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge since they have an auto tour full of wildlife.
A heron in the field at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.

A blue heron finds lunch in the form of a small rodent. I always thought they just ate fish.

A blue heron flies away after I got too close for his comfort. Sorry.

Baby nutria! They may be invasive, but they sure are cute!

There were four little babies eating grass on the side of the auto tour road at Ridgefield.

Tundra swans fly overhead. I've only seen swans a few times in my life so I was excited.

Swans rest on the pond in Ridgefield. These large birds have so much power behind their wings they could break your bones if you got too close.

A red tail hawk sits in a tree. There were many spotting of red tails in the trees along with refuge.

A red tail fly by my car hollering about something. In this picture he just landed, but his mouth is still open with his screeching talk.

The landscape at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge which is beautiful all year round.

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