Friday, November 6, 2009

Remembering Spring

I didn't have time to catch all the beautiful fall colors, so instead I am revisiting spring time with flowers. It is amazing how every season is filled with color, some vibrant, some with amazing patterns, and others are have a mysterious darkness.

I especially love when I can capture an bee or another insect with a flower.
I have a special love for bees, as long as they are not stinging me.
I had never seen these flowers before they popped up in my parent's yeard. I find them to be such a unique, beautiful flower.
When I discovered the super macro setting on my camera I discovered a whole new world.
The insides of a poppy seem to paint the inner sourounding which I find very fascinating.
The ability of a flower to have such a uniform shape is stunning.

I find these flowers simply gorgeous, especially with the morning rain drops.

Later in the day the flowers look so different. Amazing how plants are so adapted to their surrounding.


  1. Beautiful photos. You make me long for spring, even though I love Autumn.

  2. love poppies, we have tons of them around here and they bloom all year, so pretty. nice shots!