Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Wreck of Peter Iredale

The Peter Iredale sits along the beach at Fort Stevens; a reminder of the force the ocean holds and time passing. This ship wrecked exactly 103 years ago on October 25, 1906 en route to Portland through the Columbia River. They were so close when the ship was swept in and grounded just west of Astoria, OR, but luckily everyone survived.

When the ship first shored itself, the plan was to tow it back to sea since it was not damaged too bad. The beach had other plans for the ship however, and it was too "stuck" for removal. The ship was sold for scraps and what remains is what was not taken for money, or by time. Just the bow, a few ribs and a couple of masts remain. Luckily that is all that is needed for some nice photos and an exploration into history.

The Peter Iredale allows images of nature and metal to come together and create beauty. I was mesmerized by the amazing assortment of photos I could take of this ship and the ocean which surrounds it with the ever changing ocean waves, colors, barnacles and reflections.

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