Monday, October 12, 2009

Visit the Rhododendron Gardens!

Every year I get sad when the summer is ending. Adapting to the colder weather is not very fun and the weather is not as inviting to play outside. Then I remember my walks through the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens during fall and get so happy! In the fall there are less people in the park, making for a more peaceful experience. The people may be sparse, but the wildlife is not! This is the time of the year when more of the migrating water birds are visiting the park and sometimes you get to see unique ones. Wood ducks, wigeons, buffleheads, coots and cormorants are all sure to be there at some point. I have even been lucky enough to see hooded and regular mergansers, northern shovelers and the oh-so-exciting ruddy ducks! What a beautiful bird!

The gates to the park are now open and admission is free. Donations are still gladly accepted and goes towards maintaining the park. This is my favorite place to visit in Portland since I always get great photos and it is so accessible.
A comorant trying to dry his wings after diving for food.

A ruddy duck! I jumped up quite a few times and probably squeeled when I saw this bird. I had dreampt about seeing this bird in person since their blue beak is so unique.

Bufflehead ducks are so tiny and adorable. This is a male bufflehead. The females are a little smaller and mostly grey with black.

Some fall color in the park. Not sure what I did to get the photo, but I like it.

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  1. I love your pictures - you have a great blog.