Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cascade Raptor Center

A hawk enjoys a water bottle spray on a hot day.

I volunteer at the Audubon Wildlife Care Center and get to see amazing birds of all sorts every week. A bird handler I work with mentioned one day about Cascade Raptor Center in Eugene and told me it was remarkable and I had to go there some time. For someone like herself to say that, I knew it was a must see! Every year I take the girl I have mentored since she was 12 (she is now 19) camping somewhere. This year I decided camping near Eugene would be fun so we could enjoy the outdoors, visit the raptor center and eat at my favorite place in Eugene, Pizza Research Institute who has the best vegan pizza.

Ki, a Red-Shouldered Hawk stands patiently at an education talk.

I timed my trip to the Cascade Raptor Center to correspond with the education bird talk and got to meet a red-shouldered hawk named Ki and a Turkey Vulture named Kali. They were both so fascinating and the bird handlers who very informative. The woman handling Kali was especially enthusiast about her privilege to be a part of the vulture’s life and even had an amazing vulture tattoo on her wrist. It is great to see such enthusiasm! These birds are in a facility such as this due to injuries or other issues that make it so they can not go back to the wild successfully. The raptor center gives animals a second chance at life while being able to educate the public. In conjunction to the center, they also run a rehabilitation center for raptors.

This Turkey Vulture Kali has attitude and I love it!

A Kestrel

A bald eagle enjoying some sunshine.

A Snowy Owl who just had a drink of water.

This Northern Goshawk mesmerized me.

Saw-Whet Owls are just adorable!

A Western Screech Owl tried to hide. They are my favorite!

A Long-Eared Owl displaying her namesake.

More Bald Eagles! Beautiful!

A White-Tailed Kite! Wow!

These White-Tailed Kite sisters were rescued together.
I was pleasantly surprised by the number of native birds and small mammals that visited the center, making the visit exceptionally unique.

A Western Grey Squirrel, which you never see in Portland anymore.

A deer surprised up roaming the streets in Eugene, just below the raptor center.
These photos really do not do the raptors justice. I highly recommend that if you get a chance, check this place out in person. You will love it!


  1. So, I was google searching for deer Eugene Oregon because I wanted to find a photo to show my friend, and after skimming through lots and lots of useless photos, and photos of houses on "deer valley avenue" or something, pictures of hunters with deer that they had hunted, pictures of live deer NOT in Eugene and not even in Oregon, I FINALLY found this picture of a deer!

    And then I when i saw the source for the photo i started cracking up.

    lots of love from Angelica

    1. Um, the context of this is that I knew some people who worked at the raptor center, and I was like wow this is kind of a coincidence, sorry for my weird comment! Thanks for your photos