Saturday, January 16, 2010


Through the years I have taken many photos of squirrels. I have found them to mostly be curious, cute and dopey. When I was young, my family took in a baby squirrel whose mom was no longer around to care for him. We named him Zoomber. He lived in our house with a cage he could choose to visit, but mostly he ran around our house and visited with us and made nests in our old clothes in our laundry room. He was so entertaining to have around. Luckily after taking care of him for a year we started to reintroduce him to the ourdoors around spring time. He slowly adapted to become a regular wild squirrel who had his own family and peered at us from the trees. Here are random photos of squirrels in nature who I got to visit in their environment.

*** Any native squirrel that has been orphaned or injured should be brought to a wildlife rehab center to properly handle the care of the animal. I am appreciative of my experience with Zoomber and since he was non native, he was best off in our care. ***

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